Machinery Parts

The products can be either
Custom-Made : in accordance to sample or specifications/ drawings.
O.T.S. ( off the shelf parts ) i.e. from the ready available product range of the suppliers .

Unarguably, machine tool industry has an important role in carrying out the activities in the industrial area. Moreover it is one of the most important elements in the development of the manufacturing sector, We at Source Scan Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd. offer a whole range of machinery parts including stamping parts , cylinders and liners, transmission & gears and many more. These equipments have a vast usage in various industries like railway, atomic energy, defence and many more.

The product range includes :
Ferrous & non-ferrous Castings
PDC & Gravity castings
Cold & Hot Forgings
Stamping parts
Machined Parts
Cylinders & liners
Transmission & Gears
Hydraulic spare parts
Fabricated machined parts
Hydraulic shafts
Compressor parts
Electrical components
Gaskets & seals
Car Parts
Truck Parts
Tractor, Harvester & Earth Moving Machinery Parts
Engine & Generator Parts
Hardware Parts
Construction Industry Parts